About the band

Actual things



   FANABERIA is five talented and experienced musicians who will cheer up every event, regardless of age and tastes of its participants.

   We are a team that makes a perfect musical setting for prom, wedding, outdoor celebrations or corporate adoption.

In every kind of event we create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, full of deep musical experiences.

   We only play live music without electronic gimmicks, that each song has its own unique character and our music is full of life and joyful emotions.

   We play vigorously, gently and melancholically. All this with an extraordinary commitment, great charisma and surprising sense of humor.

   We have a full sound system and lighting to allow the organization of the event for even 300 people.


   We are open to suggestions and requests. We will make every effort to deserve your absolute satisfaction!

So, maybe a bit of WHIM ...